Welcome to the Explorers Room!

Welcome to the Bubble Bee Room!

"We aim to provide a positive child care service for all!"   

Evidence from research shows that high quality pre-school provision during the foundation years has a lasting impact on a child's future learning. Our pre-school at Milly's provides those “high quality” elements which come together to create a rich learning environment and one in which children can thrive.

We offer a 1 adult to 8 children ratio in our pre-school room, which is above and beyond the Ofsted requirements.

​​Small Steps, Big Discoveries!




The babies room caters for children from three months to approximately 2 years old. It is well equipped, with a soft play area, a wide range of first stage toys, and qualified, caring staff.

We have a separate sleeping room for our babies where children can have a nap when it fits with their personal routine.

We offer a 1 adult to 3 children ratio in the babies room.

The toddlers room is for children aged from approximately two years until they are ready to start pre-school in the Explorer's Room. There are more creative and imaginative activities for toddlers in this room as well as a Literacy and Maths area. Children are encouraged to be more independent and start to develop their mark making skills.

Staff work alongside parents to toilet train whilst in this room. The children are able to take an afternoon nap after lunch should they wish. We operate a 1 adult to 4 children ratio within the toddler room to ensure quality child care all day.

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Welcome to the DragonFly Room!