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Social/Emotional Development
Young children develop competency in their abilities along with an understanding of emotions and empathy towards others. At Milly's our classroom rules are based on safety, a feeling of belonging and being recognised as a valuable member of the group. Children learn that they are important as they help keep the classroom safe and running smoothly by doing simple jobs and reminding each other of the rules. Our staff help children develop conflict resolution skills and an understanding of sharing and compromising.

“The environment plays a key role in supporting and extending children's development and learning through the EYFS framework”

Small Steps, Big Discoveries!

Art Exploration
Art is one of the early ways children share their ideas and feelings with others. Through the exploration of art materials, children at Milly's Day Nursery & Pre-School develop their fine motor skills and construct their knowledge of representation.  We promote an environment  that fosters creative learning experiences that help children and adults recognise and celebrate individual uniqueness.

Early Literacy
At Milly's Day Nursery & Pre-School we promote and encourage children to develop a love for reading and writing. Our staff will guide and support your children to let their imagination run wild and begin to give meanings to the mark they make.

In our pre-school room, children will have daily phonic lessons following the Read, Write, Inc scheme, ensure when they go to year 1 in a school they are more than prepared.

Motor Development
Children at Milly's Day Nursery & Pre-School experience both indoor and outdoor activities to enhance their gross and fine motor skills. Simple tasks that develop hand-eye coordination, whole body movement, balance and control are set up daily outdoors and inside the classrooms. Children have opportunities to practice skills and challenge themselves under the watchful eye of the caring staff.

At Milly's Day Nursery & Pre-School, we pride ourselves on our excellent delivery and recording of the EYFS curriculum. We create specific planning tailored to the individual needs of our children attending Milly's Day Nursery & Pre-School. All our rooms will follow the same termly themes which you can see below:

Term 1: Celebrations, Faiths and Festivals

All About Me

Faiths & Festivals

Term 2: Air, Land and Sea



Term 3: Fantasy and Fiction        

Traditional Tales

Super Heros

A strong relationship with our parents is crucial and we do everything we can to help our parents fully understand how and what their child is learning and achieving. Inside every room their will be a Curriculum Wall where you can see the weekly planning including clear links to the Development Matter objectives, weekly notices from the key workers, and home learning tasks.

At Milly's Day Nursery & Pre-School we believe in celebrating your child's learning development and achievments throughout their time with us. All children have their own Learning Journey which includes a build up of evidence to show progression through the developmental stages according to the EYFS Framework.  This evidence is formed through many different techniques and mediums, For Example; children's work, written observations, photos, group observations, videos, voice recordings etc.

Maths Readiness

Mathematical thinking includes not only number concepts, but also understanding patterns, relationships and mathematical processes. Our teachers use manipulatives and real-life mathematical problems throughout the day to help children develop an understanding of concepts such as time and measurements.

Physical Education

It is extremely important for us at Milly's Day Nursery & Pre-School that all our children have a well balance and healthy life style. Children at our setting will spend time every day outside taking part in physical activities during both free flow and planned sessions.

Eyfs Curriculum at Milly's Day Nursery & Pre-School