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Milly's Day Nursery & Pre-Shool believe that a healthy, balanced and nutritious diet is paramount to the welfare and development of all children.

We provide a selection of healthy sugar free cereals, fresh fruit and toast with a variety of toppings for breakfast each day and a variety of healthy snacks at morning and afternoon snack time which consists of fresh fruit, fresh vegetable batons, fresh dips and yoghurts.  All of these meals are prepared by our staff in our own kitchen.

For our main meals, we provide a range of healthy and nutritious home-cooked meals. All of our meals are able to cater for special dietary needs and a vegetarian option is always available. Please let us know of any special dietary requirements. Fresh drinking water and milk is always available to children throughout the day with sugar free diluted squash available at main meal times.

Breakfast: 50p

Hot Lunch: £2

Tea: £1

Meals at Milly's!

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